BRIEF HISTORY OF SIWES (SIWES) is a skill training programme designed to expose and prepare students . WHO is WHO in Nigeria etc. Siwes is good HISTORY OF SIWES (STUDENT INDUSTRIAL WORK In the earlier stage of science and technology education in Nigeria. SIWES Industrial Training was established by ITF in the year to serve the problem BRIEF HISTORY OF SIWES Juhel Nigeria Limited is located at Emene, the industrial hub of Enugu, Enugu state capital, Nigeria.

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Partaking in SIWES industrial training has become a crucial pre-condition for the award of diploma and degree certificates in specific disciplines in most institutions of higher learning in Nigeria in line with the government education policies.

Post a Comment Cancel reply Your email is never published nor shared. SIWES has become a nneccessary pre-condition of graduation.

Proper cleaning of working environment and machineries should be done every morning before resuming work and in the evening after work. JUHEL Nigeria limited is an industry that observing current good manufacturing practices, good laboratory practices, statutory bodies skwes with the aim of achieving their customers satisfaction.


Opportunity for students to blend theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical hand-on application of knowledge required to perform work in industry. Continue reading and you will find out the aims and conditions of the program. Therefore, there was a need to give students the opportunity to get real work experience. The papers ordered and produced should be used as a guide or framework for your own paper.

Employers also note a higher level of skills of such students. Cost of SAT exam in Nigeria Consequently, SIWES is a planned and structured programme based on stated and specific career objectives, which are geared toward developing the occupational competencies of participants. The industrial training policy was introduced by Federal Nigdria of Nigeria in Funding- the federal government of Nigeria Beneficiaries are undergraduate students of the following disciplines: Being able to acquire new skills while studying at the university is a step towards better changes in the economic sector and further technological development in Nigeria.


Built on the Thematic Theme Framework. This entry was posted in Department of Medical Lab. Prepare students for Industrial work situation they are likely to meet after o. While such cooperation requires that, the three actors share the same information on all basic aspects of SIWES. However, the scheme has over the years contributed immensely to the personal development and motivation of students to be able to understand the important connection between the taught and learnt content of their academic programmes and what knowledge and skill will be expected of them on professional practice after graduation.

Introduction to Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) | mySIWES Placement

The scheme educates students on industrial based skills essential for a smooth transition from the classroom to the world of work. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Expose student to work methods and techniques in handling equipment and machineries that may not be available in the University.

This is an excellent bridge between theoretical and practical education. Referring to the feedback of students, the experience of participating in the program has become very useful for them. Students of tertiary institutions is given the opportunity of being familiarized and exposed to the needed experience in handling machinery and equipment which are usually not available in the educational institutions.

SIWES Report Format and the History of SIWES in Nigeria

Like every other establishment, JUHEL Nigeria is so much organized from the management level down to the least in the establishment. Do not drink or play inside the factory to avoid hishory.

nigeeria The five capitalized letters SIWES stand for the Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme that was created to help students from Nigeria get practical knowledge and wide horizons based on their future profession while they are still studying at the university.

The program outlined the academic standards for educational establishments in Nigeria. What changed back then? Loitering is not allowed around the factory during working hours. Full list of courses offered by Nnamdi Azikiwe University for To prepare specialists who will be ready for any working situations immediately after graduation.


The availability of required information therefore, enhances the capacity of students to work for and earn the credit units allotted for SIWES, rather than wobbling through the training intervention because of lack of pertinent information.

To purchase complete Project Material, Pay a token of N3, to our bank accounts below: Provide an avenue for students in institution of higher learning to acquire industrial skills and experience during their course of study. Several other benefits include: Such program is successful attempt to help students to understand the underlying principles of their future work.

The objectives are to: The program is developed under the guidance of the Ministry of Education. This bridge between the institutions, students, and industries should make the difference and bring positive changes in the hsitory.


Prepares hlstory for employment and makes transition from school to niferia work environment easier after graduation. Provide students with the opportunities to apply their educational knowledge in real work situations, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practical. Provide students with the opportunities to apply their educational knowledge in real work situation, thereby bringing the gaps between theories for practice.

Duration is four months and one year for polytechnics and colleges of education respectively, and of course, six months for the universities. To provide students with industrial skills and needed experience while the course of study.

Exposes students to the working environment, i.