With Mother Nature, U.S. anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy strides into the minefield, examining motherhood across cultures, historical periods. In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned anthropologist (and mother) Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a radical new vision of motherhood and its crucial. “As was the case for her earlier classic, Mother Nature, Sarah Hrdy’s Mothers and Others is a brilliant work on a profoundly important subject. The leading.

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Because crying babies get fed to shut them up, and quiet wall flowers are seen as ‘too weak to make a sound’ so are left to wither. I enjoyed Our Babies, Ourselvesand reviewed it positively here.

Jun 20, L rated it it was amazing. She Has Her Mother’s Laugh presents a profoundly original perspective on what we pass along from generation to generation. Martine De Biasi Hrdy’s view is that there is no defined ‘maternal instinct’: She begins chapter one with a sentence indicating that the results of her work suggest females should be given a lot more credibility than previously thought.

Motherhood as a Minefield.

But it’s also well written, interesting, and even funny. Stephan Guyenet Narrated by: Really deep and thought-provoking look at maternal ambivalence. I was finally motivated to pull this weighty tome down off of the shelf after an intriguing review by my sister of Hrdy’s most recent work: It was very much based on hard science, but in the end, I hrdyy sure what her point was – she seemed ambivalent about some key questions moother a woman’s role in mothering.

Follow us on Twitter globebooks Opens in a new window. Feminist treatises have long argued against the necessary conflation of “woman” with “mother,” and classics such as Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born have cogently argued that such altruistic maternity is a cultural construct and not a biological given.


Hrdy strips the parent-child omther of much of its romance, and anture argues that this is why there’s been extensive abuse, abandonment foundling homesand infanticide post-birth version of late-stage abortion, used before abortion became a safer practice.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy – Wikipedia

The most selfless mother award has to be given to the matriphagous hrdyy “mother-eating” spider of Australia, which breeds one time only, since her childrearing duties involve preparing her living body for consumption by her new offspring.

Her thought-provoking book will interest students, specialists, and general readers alike and should focus attention on the neglected roles of mothers and others within human evolutionary theory. Commenters who repeatedly violate community guidelines may be suspended, causing them to temporarily lose their ability to engage with comments.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Working under the supervision of DeVore and the evolutionary biologist Robert L.

Hrdy strips away stereotypes and gender-biased myths to demonstrate that traditional views of maternal behavior are essentially wishful thinking codified as objective observation. Mither subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.

Motuer O’Grady is the product of many allomothers, including a great grandmother, a grandmother, a mother and three aunts, none of whom could be said to resemble June Cleaver. Female and Male Strategies of Reproduction. But if, one day, the dominant male disappears, the Peter Pan male undergoes a transformation: From the Hardcover edition.

Review: Mother Nature, by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming nzture, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests. One could say it is also the product of Hrdy’s own mothering experience, after having reared children of her own while maintaining a rigorous and luminous research career. She eventually transferred to Radcliffe College and majored in anthropology.


Victorian era scientists saw in nature what they wanted to see or what they expected to seethat females were submissive, sexually reserved, and passive vessels.

These men, women, and one extraordinary child emerge as brilliantly adaptive personalities, whose conditions have not so much debilitated them as ushered them into another reality. Abortion, too, is not unknown in a variety of species.

Oliver Sacks Narrated by: The goal of the male langur is to maximize the proportion of his offspring and, according to Hrdy, a male who attacks his own offspring is rapidly selected against. Dec 15, Jennie rated it really liked it Shelves: But it seems to me that in out human history there were times when the people most likely to breed healthy babies were women who had many men offering some help.

Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? To make a bigger impact on the world, she decided to make films that would help people living in developing countries become educated on various health subjects.

This national best seller is an entertaining, informative, and sometimes shocking expose of the way history is taught to American students.