please read these instructions carefully. THIS EQUIPMENT IS NOT . iDECT Help Line (for UK only): (Local Call rate). 1. Read First Before Use. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. iDECT. Model name: Eclipse complies with the essential protection requirements of R&TTE Directive. iDECT. iDECT C5i Manual. liGo Helpdesk | Michael April 24, This is the manual for the iDECT C5i. iDECT (2 MB).

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Press and hold to add a dialling pause P when dialling or entering numbers into the phonebook.

Play messages on TAM If you have new messages, they are played first, and then saved as old messages, until they are deleted. Plug the power adapter into a – Vac, 50 – 60Hz mains power socket, and the telephone line cord into a telephone line socket.

Change The Time Format 8. Connecting The Base Station Set the Display Language You can change the display language on your handset. Call All Handsets 1. Press to select your preferred language and then press Press then enter the time information according to 12 HR or 24 HR format.


iDect Loop Plus Manuals

End A Call Text And Number Entry Text and Number Entry The following table shows you where each letter and punctuation character can be found, by using repeated presses of the alphanumeric keypad. Colour display digital cordless telephone with name and number phonebook and answering machine for z1i only 34 pages.

Press briefly to listen to the current OGM Using the handset: Press to enter the new PIN. Key in your Remote Access Code.

Press to select PLAY. Delete A Redial Number Press to go back to previous menu.

Press to enter a sub-menu or function. Do not burn, immerse them in water, disassemble, or puncture the batteries. The default Master PIN is To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Date and Time Settings You will need to set the correct time and date so that you know when you received answering machine applicable to model with answering machine or call list entries. It is shown in hours, minutes and seconds format HH: Answer A Call You need to enter a remote access code same as your Master PIN to access your answering machine remotely. Change The Recall Time The conformity to the requirements is validated by the symbol.


Default value is To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Keys While message is not While message is playing playing Delete the current message playing Repeat at playing the current message from the beginning.

Using a tone-dialling phone, dial your home number. Delete A Phonebook Entry A confirmation tone is played. A long press on these keys in standby mode will automatically dial the manuak phone number.


Call From The Redial List Icon Meaning Displays when the battery is almost empty. In idle mode, press to access the phonebook list.

Package contents The package contains the following items: Enter text from picture: Displays when the answering machine is on. When you call your answering machine to check messages, if it does not answer on the third ring, jdect you can hang up immediately, knowing that you have no new messages. During a call, press to mute the microphone, and press again to resume conversation.