Form (Rev. ). Form (November ). Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service. Consent for Third Party Contact. 2 Appointee. If you wish to name more than one appointee, attach a list to this form. Check here if a list of additional appointees is attached ▷. Name and. Instructions for Completing Form D for Penalty Proposals .. Form ,Third Party Contact Authorization Form, (if applicable). Case file.

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All communication with taxpayers should be courteous, professional and clear. It must be attached to another letter that contains the required information found in Letter DO NOT include the address or telephone number of the third party.

A revenue procedure is being developed that will provide guidance on implementing this provision. Honoring a valid power-of-attorney submitted by a taxpayer is always required unless the criteria for bypassing the power-of-attorney has been met see Power-of-Attorney for more information.

Depending on the facts and circumstances, an employee may be able to make the reprisal determination based upon facts already known. The required general notice may have been issued by another employee or function.

Browsing, or any unauthorized access of taxpayer information by any IRS employee, constitutes a serious breach of the confidentiality of that 12810 and will not be tolerated See 1. For Examination notices issued by Area offices, the following notices or circumstances require the issuance of separate notices: Federally authorized tax practitioners are for authorized to practice under 31 U.


Examiners should also contact the Area Interest Abatement Coordinator with questions on interest abatement. If the tax liability is due to a jointly filed return, a separate Letter must be provided to each spouse. When the jeopardy situation no longer exists, forward Form to the Third Party Contact Coordinator.

The privacy rights of taxpayers will be respected at all times and every taxpayer will be treated honestly, fairly and respectfully. Information about taxpayers collected from third parties will be verified to the extent practicable, with the taxpayers themselves, before a determination is made, using the information.


Examiners will document the results of the address verification on Form If the employee making a third party contact determines, for good cause shown, that providing the taxpayer with advance general notice or notice of a specific contact would jeopardize the collection of the tax liability, notification frm not required.

If a taxpayer authorizes a third party contact, the employee should: Contacts made for the purpose of obtaining information about an industry or market segment where specific taxpayers have not yet been identified.

The Third Party Contact Coordinator is responsible for: Where possible, all correspondence with taxpayers should be prepared using standard forms and letters, since the specific language in these documents has been approved for 11280 use.

Personally identifiable taxpayer information will be used only for the purpose for which it was collected, unless other uses are specifically authorized or mandated by law. Except as provided in 1.

The first revision of this chapter will contain a complete identification of all mandatory procedures using bolding, underlining, or other definitive marking. Employees may have a need to access returns and return information when there is a need to know the information for their tax administration duties, but there is no formal assignment of a case, directly corresponding to the entity being researched.

The privilege may be asserted orally or in writing. IRS employees may not contact any third parties described in 1. Both the number of hours charged to a case and the span of time the case is open must be reasonable. Specific requirements for examiners are outlined in section 2. For joint returns, both spouses must authorize the contact. The dissemination of tax information via electronic format to other taxing jurisdictions.

Pre-contact Responsibilities and section 3 of this chapter. Providing the taxpayer with Notice alone does not constitute adequate notication of third party contacts.

The provisions of IRC fodm 6 and corresponding regulations apply to all third party contacts. Employees are not authorized to access their own tax records. This is particularly important in situations that may involve subsequent contacts with confidential informants.


Assistance should be requested from Customer Service personnel, as needed, to expedite resolution of taxpayer problems.

Made on a case by case basis no blanket determinations Documented in the case file. Name of party contacted, if known.

Letter can be either handed to the taxpayer or mailed to the taxpayer at the Master File address. Effective communication for taxpayers is a significant factor in conducting a quality examination and in minimizing taxpayer burden. This privilege is not automatic, it must be asserted by the taxpayer.

Since the examination of returns in the area normally involves re-occurring contacts with a taxpayer by the same examiner, the examiner is not required to provide the taxpayer with an unique employee identification number during each telephone or personal contact.

Taxpayer requests for interest abatement should be referred to the Area Interest Abatement Coordinator for consideration. In every third party jrs, the employee should advise the third party before the conclusion of the interview that by law the IRS is required to provide their name to the taxpayer as a third party contact and ask if doing so may result in reprisal against any person.

IRS Agent’s responsibility to taxpayer

forrm For more information or questions regarding UNAX requirements, examiners should consult their immediate manager. In order to allow the Post Office sufficient time to deliver the notice, do not make any third party contacts until 10 days from the date Letter was mailed. All taxpayer contacts made in the area by Examination with few exceptions require appeal right notification. Time charged for each activity may also be recorded on Formas dictated by local practice.

Notification Requirements do not apply to any tax period under investigation by Criminal Investigation.