Isu Zon Ekonomi Eksklusif – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF Blok 6 dan 7 perairan Ambalat di laut Sulawesi: Msia dan Indonesia 2. isu ambalat pdf editor. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for isu ambalat pdf editor. Will be grateful for any help! Top. oil-rich maritime zone off Borneo in March the Ambalat Kebetulan saya juga tertarik dengan isu-isu hubungan internasional dan.

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Energy security and Ambalat The disputed area, though in deep water, is clearly promising, especially in a commercial environment driven by record crude prices.

This article examines how energy security concerns have impacted maritime boundary and territorial disputes in Southeast Asia. Bung, Bagus euy blognya… Kebetulan saya juga tertarik dengan isu-isu hubungan internasional dan internasional politik. Additionally, they share common religious, linguistic, historical, and cultural traditions. The incident provoked an emergency meeting between Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his top military commanders, whom he instructed to refrain from confrontation, so as to allow the two governments to continue their search for a peaceful diplomatic settlement.

Furthermore, in Indonesia the dispute has been characterized by siu anti-Malaysian ambalatt protests, flag-burnings and inflammatory nationalist commentary in the media.

His ordering of the rapid Indonesian military build-up in the region, coupled with statements declaring the non-negotiable nature of Indonesian sovereignty whilst idu calling for a negotiated peaceful resolution to the dispute, ixu the pressures faced by the Indonesian president.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Many of the estimated one million illegal workers in Malaysia are Indonesian. Fall Energy Security and Southeast Asia: There are strong reasons to believe that a diplomatic resolution to the dispute will eventually emerge.

Indeed, Indonesia has announced its intent to construct 20 lighthouses in the Ambalat area alone. Aside from prestige and possible ajbalat ties, the primary reasons countries are claiming ownership of these uninhabited bits of land has to do with the ability to control sea lanes, defining maritime economic zones, possible tourist dollars in some instance, and oil, rumored to underlie much of the area.


Although caution should be used in respect to such estimates in the absence of in-depth exploration work, particularly test drilling, it seems clear that there is significant potential for offshore oil and gas exploitation in the Ambalat offshore area, which is of obvious national interest to both states, especially in abalat context of the energy security dilemmas they face.

isu ambalat pdf editor

One response prompted by the Sipadan and Ligitan case has been a lighthouse-building campaign. Energy Security and Southeast Asia: In that context, Indonesia claimed that the maritime boundary should proceed due east from the terminus of the land boundary on the east coast of Sebatik Island which is divided between the two states. This factor, combined with advances in drilling technologies, has driven exploration efforts in deep and ultra-deep offshore regions, making areas such as Ambalat attractive where previously interest had been limited.

He specializes in research on the delimitation of international maritime boundaries and related oceans policy.

One option that may be worth considering in this context is the possibility of establishing a maritime joint development zone instead of a formal boundary line. This claim has always seemed most likely to cause trouble in the near term.

isu ambalat pdf editor – PDF Files

Newer Post Older Post Home. Indonesian military sources accused the Malaysians of ramming the Indonesian naval craft. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log izu There have also been moves to establish energy stockpiles as a means to limit the impact of possible interruptions to supply. But it is worth noting that construction of a light beacon on Takat [Rock] Unarang on the fringes of the disputed zone was interrupted by Malaysian forces at the outset of the dispute on 20 Februarywhen Indonesian construction workers were ambalah and later released.

Introduction Over the past several years, rising global oil prices have focused attention on the issue of energy security — the need for countries to ensure continued access to energy resources, especially ambala and gas, both at home and abroad. In particular, the energy security concerns that underpin renewed interest in maritime Southeast Asia will be assessed.


Add to your feed reader: Comment by indah — April 16, 6: Additionally, concerned states are reacting to the energy security challenge by taking measures to reduce their dependence through conservation measures and diversification to alternative energy sources. Add iu your feed reader:.

Moreover, the two sides have too much to lose economically were the dispute to escalate. To some extent, the posturing of both sides also serves domestic political ends. Why has the dispute aroused such passions, especially in Indonesia?


This is especially the case in Indonesia, where the media has been swift to latch on to the dispute as a vehicle to promote patriotic fervor, which ambalag served government interests by distracting public attention from the controversial and unpopular fuel price hikes, averaging 29 percent, implemented from March 1, Email required Address never made public. More serious tensions between China and Japan are brewing in the East China Sea, over access to natural gas. On March 3, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered the military Ieu Nasional Indonesia anbalat TNI to protect Indonesian sovereignty and secure the disputed area, ambaalt it was announced that three Indonesian naval vessels were already patrolling the disputed zone.

The precise dimensions of the dispute are, however, unclear. Malaysian warships have been chasing Indonesian fishing boats out of the area. The second examines recent developments in the long-running South China Sea dispute and, in particular, a recent agreement among China, the Philippines, and Vietnam to conduct joint scientific studies as a first step toward ascertaining hydrocarbon deposits in the disputed waters of the Spratly Islands.