John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Paperback: pages; Publisher: Non-Duality Press; Revised edition. Shining in Plain View [John Wheeler, Non-Duality Press] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler attracts a growing audience of. Posts about John Wheeler written by Non-Duality America.

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Just keep coming back to the fundamentals. No Person John Wheeler.

I sit on a bench in front of the gun-metal, three-dish fountain its steady murmurs formed by a thin stream of water. Pacific Cultural Center in the Studio. Just goes to show.

Black rain on the temple roof. Spotlight on Teachers Tags: Who is pulling away? I simply sit with the presence of Beingness.

The words of a Mystic John Wheeler on the I and the ego

Update July 14th, September 12, Categories: There can creep in the subtle idea that what you are is someone who is a separate person with the ability to choose or pay more attention. Non-Duality America We hope you enjoy our vision! At least in my experience, I have found that to be the case, because my job demands that I be fully engaged at all times. Ultimately, you have no control over the mind states, so let them be.


Library Extracts Reviews Recommendations. There is literally nothing you need to do or practice. Again and again, I bring my cupped hands to my face and relish the camphoraceous scent.

With the emphasis off of the mind and the conceptual story, you will be much more present, because there is no filter. Unitarian Universalist Church, Room There is just the simple sitting with the wafts of rosemary and the soft gurgles of water. It is the person that gums up the works and creates all the problems and supposed solutions.

May 20 June 3, 17 Location: See this deeply, and all the issues will resolve with no additional effort. There is no person with all of its preferences and partialities trying to negotiate every experience. I will spend more time on it when I can. But who wheelfr the one who is going to try to be wholehearted and fully involved?

John Wheeler – Centerless Center

Just notice what is here and see that. However, it appears his meetings in Santa Cruz are no longer happening. Meetings are every Thursday, unless otherwise noted here.


There is no improving it, getting it or losing it.

Two Mondays per month, 7: He lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and enjoys conversing with those who are vitally interested in self-knowledge. A Vastness All Around: See the list sorted by Author.

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As always at this time of the year, there are less than a handful of people about. Awakening to Your Natural State http: Unknown January 15, at It is perfectly whole and complete now.

Do I know npnduality I am?