Synchronicity has ratings and reviews. J.G. Keely said: The central theory of ‘synchronicity’ relies on an unfortunate combination of flawed re. Jung was intrigued from early in his career with coincidences, especially those surprising juxtapositions that scientific rationality could not adequately expla. SYNCHRONICITY, An Acausal Connecting Principle – Jung – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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She searched in vain for evidence of fantastical claims for a quarter century.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle

Owing to the very large number fonnecting characterological variations, we would hardly expect marriage to be characterized by only one astrological configuration; rather, if astrological assumptions are at all correct, there will be several configurations that point to a predisposition in the choice of a marriage partner.

RobbinsPranab ChatterjeeEdward R. An Acausal Connecting Principle C. I hope it will not be construed as presumption on my part if I make uncommon demands on the open-mindedness and goodwill of the reader.

Kramer, Uber den Bau synchrpnicity Korallenriffe. That is my understanding, in a nutshell For Jung and his mother these occurrences, apparently separate, became linked together in a meaningful way. The scarab is a classic example of a rebirth symbol. As Barbara Marx Hubbard has said, “The spiral of our evolutionary progress is turning back in time to reconnect with the great sage Lao Tzu”. The archetypes too, as a priori forms of representation, are as much found as invented: At the same time, it is not so easy to counter the astrologer’s objection that my statistical method is too arbitrary and too clumsy to evaluate correctly the numerous psychological and astrological aspects of marriage.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The second degree is when the moon in a man’s [horoscope] and the sun in a woman’s are constellated in the same way.


When Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter with his telescope he immediately came into head-on collision with the prejudices of his learned contemporaries. Under these conditions they might easily be endowed with qualities that have still to be discovered. This he very kindly did, and using the Poisson distribution he arrived at a probability of 1: While reading it, he misread 40, as 4, These were very early days when Einstein was developing his first theory of relativity, [and] it was he who first started me off thinking about a possible relativity of time as well as space, and their psychic conditionality.

I could not understand it as the language was too awkward and hard to follow.

Burnham – – History of the Human Sciences 21 3: But a “cause” can only be a demonstrable quantity. Kammerer holds that though “runs ” 4 or successions of chance events are not subject to the operation ann a common cause5 i.

At least all the cases in my experience -and there is a large number of them- show this characteristic. That is precisely what happens in Rhine’s experiments: Only in this way can space and time be relativized to a certain extent, thereby acwusal the chances of a causal process. The connectng that the “Scientific Method” these same skeptics cherish was channeled via a series of dreams, including a dream within a dream, to Rene Descartes strikes me as ironic to say the least.

Synchronicity (book) – Wikipedia

Of these fifteen aspects, a moon aspect occurs four times for women, whereas only six moon aspects are distributed among the thirty-five other possible values. Given enough time, the coincidence actually becomes more likely to occur than not to occur.

I wish I could say I understood the statistical analysis of his experimental method… I recommend https: On the hypothesis that all the figures are due to chance, we would expect a far greater accuracy in the greater number and consequently a synchonicity smaller range in the figures.


Aug 12, Marcos Pinto rated it it was amazing.

To me, the notions of gods, angels, psychic powers, magic, astrology, and all the rest do not make the world a more remarkable place, because they are all of man, not of the world. So we will have to examine the nature and the whole idea of chance a little more closely. Only one of the persons mentioned here knew anything synchronicitty it. The so- called possibility of such events is of no importance whatever, for the synchroniicty of what is possible in any age is derived from that age’s rationalistic assumptions.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle by C.G. Jung

From this and in discussion with Wolfgang Pauli he formulated the tetradic schema of our quantum based physical existence: Such contents are very often of an inferior or primitive nature and thus betray their archetypal origin.

Apr 08, Wendy rated it really liked it. We are all aware of both meaningless and meaningful coincidences in our daily lives. For men the corresponding role is played not by the sun but by the Asc. At one hand I am quite reluctant to speak about these experiences, mostly because of all the stigma it is associated with, but on the other hand I would just like to go on the highest roof and scream about every time it happened.

Carr – – Emergence: