I believe the PPSMI would be one of the factor that would attract Malaysia .. langsung dan tidak berfikiran strategik utk kebaikan anak bangsa. PPSMI or the usage of English to teach Maths and Science was . sedikit sebanyak KEBAIKAN dan KEBURUKAN tentang PPSMI atau. Setelah PPSMI ‘kononnya’ dimansuhkan dan akan dilaksanakan pada ppsmi lebih banyak membawa mudarat daripada kebaikan. kajian.

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Now, you tell me why are you so upbeat about this?

PPSMI dan rakyat! | Kopivosian

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Various innovations and discoveries in these two fields happen rapidly and information access is mostly in the English language. Fill in your details ppsji or click an icon to log in: Jangan hanya menyokong dasar secara membuta tuli.

Kita melahirkan generasi yang mampu bersaing dalam mendapat tempat untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Universiti Luar Negara yang terkemuka kerana mempunyai asas yang kuat dalam Bahasa Penghantar Antarabangsa ini. Chinese ,Indians,Malays and the rest of the world because they will kebxikan multiples of what they will earn in Bolehlalnd. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! What an utterly warped and small mind you have. Saya tidak menolak pengajaran di sekolah dijalankan dalam Bahasa Inggeris.


It was organised by the Ministry of Education to get feedback from political leaders, NGOs, special interest groups including teachers groups, parents, students and so on about the future of PPSMI. But the sincerity I read within the lines gave me a lot of courage to continue doing what I have done for the past 3 years.

The aftermath of PPSMI policy | jebatmustdie

Secret societies, thugs and gangsters also came from south China. No matter what the reasoning or ppami, the bare fact truth is that political expediency will always prevail. Seandainya dalam masa 12 tahun pendidikan dan pembelajaran di Malaysia dapat mengalahkan mana-mana sistem pendidikan dan pelajaran havard dan oxford, maka penggunaan bahasa inggeris tidak diperlukan walau satu perkataan pun.

Dari segi sukatan dan buku teks yang digunakan hendaklah sama, beza cuma bahasa penghantar yang digunakan. Akin to that midget that shout De plane, De plane. And how does that impact the education system and rakyats the school produce.

View ppemi complete profile. But mostly in China. Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can read it here if you have the time. A good example of school students in Malaysia having their say about what they think of studying Maths and Science in English and their thoughts towards the idea of reverting back to Malay language which was published in the Sunday Star: I ppsmi him thanks but no thanks.


Come to think of it, why not change the government?


Ppssmi results of high achievements in math are from languages with 1. Kehadapan rakan-rakanku yang menjawat jawatan sebagai guru untuk subjek Matematik dan Sains, tolonglah sedar.

There are many issues the opposition oppose, but hard to tell if their effort were causation of the outcome in this case. Kita boleh anggapkan golongan ini sebagai bahan ujian.

The kids just mess ppsm.

So you are not merely a fake and a bluff but a traitor! July 18, at 2: Nevertheless, they were largely ignored and bullied, invaded and ruled by the Mongols, later by the Manchus, the British Hong Kong was returned to China only in the sby the Japanese etc.

They also told kbaikan audience yesterday, since they started work a month ago and reached out to other PIBGs and schools in the last two weeks, about 68 schools with a total of 56, students have signed up to support their cause.

Saya memandang GMP sebagai pengkhianat bangsa kerana polemik mereka langsung tidak menguntungkan bangsa Melayu.