Tektronix · Keithley Source Measure Units · Model CA 3-Pin Models B, B, and B System SourceMeter Instruments Quick Start Guide Manual Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: BC. A Product Support. A. The above image may show features that are not available on this specific product. Manual – Get the latest User Manual. Models B, B and B. Keithley Instruments, Inc. System SourceMeter. ®. Aurora Road. Instrument Specifications. Cleveland, Ohio

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Table of contents Safety Precautions Table Of Contents List Of Figures List Of Tables Organization Of Manual Sections Options And Accessories User’s And Reference Manuals Front And Rear Panel Familiarization Rear Panel Summaries To Keeithley The Gpib Interface Remote Operation Setups Tsp Programming Levels Using Test Script Builder Starting Test Script Builder Creating And Modifying A Script Script Launch Configuration Launching A Script Running A Tsp File File Management Tasks Using The Expanded System Display User-defined Messages Creating 2621 User Script Saving A User Script Running A User Script Modifying A User Script Remote Versus Local State Test Script Language tsl Reference Dut Test Connections Wire Local Sensing Wire Remote Sensing Sense Keithleg Selection Multiple Smu Connections Guarding 26112 Shielding Using Shielding And Guarding Together Floating A Smu Setting The Compliance Limit Basic Circuit Configurations Basic Source-measure Procedure Remote Source-measure Procedure Remote Ohms Programming Contact Check Measurements Contact Keitley Commands Contact Check Programming Example 262 Logarithmic Staircase Sweeps Sweep Measurement Storage Staircase Sweep Functions Custom Sweep Functions Maximum Source Values And Readings Front Panel Rel Remote Rel Programming Remote Filter Programming Buffer data Store Remote Data Store Time And Date Values Buffer Programming Examples Continuous Power Operating Boundaries I-source Operating Boundaries V-source Operating Boundaries Pulse Duty Cycle Reduction In Gain-bandwidth Resetting The Tsp-link Triggering With Tsp-link Running Parallel Test Scripts Tsp-link Synchronization Lines Front Panel Triggering Hardware Trigger Keitthley Understanding Synchronous Triggering Modes General Bus Commands Sdc selective Device Clear Sending And Receiving Data Data Bits And Parity Instrument Control Library Command Programming Notes Functions And Attributes Icl Functions And Attributes Data Queue Functions Display Functions And Attributes Errorqueue Functions And Attribute Printbuffer And Printnumber Ksithley Setup Ekithley And Attribute Status Function And Attributes Tsplink Function And Attributes Advanced Features For Models And Additional Hardware Triggering Parameters Flash Firmware Upgrade Displaying Text Messages Parameter Value Prompting Deleting User Tests Menu Entries Restoring Factory Defaults Performing The Verification Test Procedures Setting The Measurement Range Voltage Measurement Accuracy Output Current Accuracy Current Measurement Accuracy Front Panel Tests Script Command Equivalents D Status Model Status Function Summary Programming And Reading Registers