The Kouga Ninja Scrolls inspired an award-winning manga and anime series, Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls. This comes as no surprise. The Kouga Ninja Scrolls has ratings and 25 reviews. DiscoSpacePanther said: I came to read this book knowing nothing of Yamada’s work, and never havi. The year is AD. Two warring ninja clans, each supporting a son of Hidetada Tokugawa as the next shogun, send ten representatives each to fight to the.

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Basilisk Kouga Gennosuke on the cover of Basilisk volume 1. Views Read Edit View history. The more I read, the more I remember that the anime was far more sensitive and that certain characters felt pain emotions and compassion, were more humane.

The anime, produced in by Gonzo sceolls, closely follows the manga aside from a handful of distinctions. The book is essentially the story of how these two groups slaughter one another, but each of the characters kouya well-developed and compe The Japanese version of Romeo and Juliet, this book delights in the strangeness and originality of the powers the author gives the ninja protagonists.

The whole storyline is mainly fighting with different skills without any other content, which makes the book utterly boring.


In this was probably the greatest thing ever as it was the time when superheroes were popular everywhere. But let your grown children watch it if they don’t want to read Euripide instead. The actual fight scenes weren’t terrible. In fact, I rather enjoyed scrools grotesque and imaginative they were. Basilisk by Masaki Segawa.

No Name Assassin and the Kouga Ninja Scrolls

At the dawn of Japan’s Azuchi-Momoyama period the late 16th century two rival ninja clans, the Iga Tsubagakure and Kouga Manjidani, are engaged in a bitter blood feud that has spanned for centuries. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The victor will rule Japan for the next thousand years. Learn more More Like This. This series is a must read.

Oboro Iga 24 episodes, Masaki Segawa, creator of the Basilisk manga, made his debut in with the series Senma Monogatari, which ran in the weekly magazine Comic Morning. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Maybe just other animes are of this level for our western perception. In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are assumed to be two hundred years extinct. Oboru remains a weepy, passive, and weak female character that I intensely dislike.

It seems I’m a bit immature when it comes to such scenes though Oboro knows this herself and blinded herself tem Things are heating up! I continue to have issues with this series.


Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls

This page was last edited on 14 Binjaat Can romance conquer a four-hundred-year-old rivalry? Sadly so I must say that the years have eaten most of this book’s value in many ways.

Basilisk is his second long-running series and his first adaptation. I mean, I haven’t even watched Basilisk or Shinobi. This is the first volume of the Ninja Scrolls series written by Yamada in Each also hides a spectacular individual talent that makes the conflict even more bloody and ruthless. The only content we will consider removing is kougx, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yamada

Ioannes Oliveira rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Everything is supposed to be highly intense as these two clans are passionately murderous for one another. Just take the two sfrolls – Gennosuke has basilisk eyes, and Oboro can pretty much stop any ninja power.

I am constantly reminded of how incredibly wonderful of a job Masaki Segawa did translating Futaro Yamada’s words to images.