Este sexto libro de Kryon trata de la Asociación con Dios Kryon nos explica temas como las Siete Conexiones del amor, los Niños Índigo, la co-creación de la. Kryon dice ser una entidad extraterrestre canalizada por el norteamericano Lee Carroll y catastróficas que nos proporcionan a diario los medios de comunicación. . (Recuerda, Jan y yo escribimos el libro ori¬ginal sobre Los Niños Índigo. The Paperback of the Kryon by Angelo Picco Barilari at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Now when invigo go there, they pass our Indigo books on their way to buy toilet paper by the ton. During my transformation experience in the dimensions together with all the dimensional beings — the truth of existence have been unveiled before us, thus the discovery of truth of the existence of Indigo Children have been realized. Just because it was on the Internet does not mean that it had no author.

In publishing there are opportunities to change copy within multiple reprints. Evil is the only Solution to the application of each human being within the becoming of who and what they are as consciousness systems — the entire humanities application as expression of becoming consciousness systems as who and what they are.

Kryon – Indigo and Crystal children

Book 1, The End Times: This is perhaps the most exciting, albeit odd, change in basic human nature that has ever been observed and documented in a society which has the tools to do so.

Kryon More Info. To us, this meant that people were resounding with the message. We had placed twenty seven Masters in control of this soul system gridline network within earth to make sure that the human beings remain within their pre-selected existences within consciousness and experience and walk and move on earth as designed within and as the soul system gridline network. Children are often the greatest blessing in a life, and also the greatest challenge. For each and every single such reactive behavioural pattern and design which generate emotional and feeling energy, there is a crystal within the Crystal Children’s physical body which hold such specific behavioural patterns in place.


We started hearing more and more about a new kind of child, or at least a new kind of problem for the parent. These results as interpreted by human beings in this world are based on the belief that the medication they use is actually supporting their well being.

imdigo The DNA strands become enhanced as it consists of formations of crystals within them. I have recently come across a fascinating discovery regarding the nature of Indigo Children within this world and the relationship between them and their parents.

Google Search: Carroll , Lee , Kryon

Evil is the only Solution. When an Indigo Child presents expressions of calmness and soothing after using the Ritalin medication, this is a clear indication that the crystals and consciousness systems within their physical body is properly ingrained and infused and are satisfied for a moment in its imbedded positioning within the physical body.

Therefore, the information I channeled regarding the nature of children defined as Indigo Children, were purely to support the designs of consciousness systems within and krykn human beings in this world. Having the words from my previous channels, which have been done within a consciousness existence as who and what I was, transferred to human beings who have direct relationships with Indigo Children — it designed another form of kryob network support system to control the stability of SMCS within this world as defined Indigo Children.

They are pure self expression as who they really are. Specialist and self-help books from Pathfinder bookshop – Search We have designed a manifested existence in the image lndigo likeness of who we were. The money system in this world as money is the manifested expression of the power, enslavement and control consciousness systems have over humanity. The only way, parents and human beings, that we are able to support such children who have been specifically designed to become crystal developing mind consciousness systems in this world, is when we stand together.

The moment the physical consciousness systems locks in with the mind consciousness systems the total CDMCS is manifested as the complete and total physical body of the indgo.


There is nothing within the dimensions as heaven that remain of any previous knowledge and information shared to human beings on earth of the truth of the existence of dimensional beings in the dimensions. Who we really are remain here in every here moment as who we really are, infinitely stable as we are already everything and all within existence. Eine Kryon – Parabel. The Crystal Children’s mind consciousness system and physical body consciousness system were specifically designed to be able to fulfill such a task of the establishment as crystals within their physical body as the unconscious mind.

We want this book to give you insights into real experiences and also entertain you with the things children have said and done, as reported by parents. Simply write us and give us copyright information or some proof of ownership and we will put the correct name to the reported quotations.

Certainly human beings we are able to design a manifested creation in the image and likeness of who we are as heaven on earth as all within existence stand within and as oneness and equality until it is done.

The transcriptions were prepared with specific information and wording as well as sentence construction, to communicate to human beings on earth, to support their beliefs of this world and who dimensional beings are to in truth support the reality of the enslavement and control of consciousness systems. You will be supporting consciousness systems which have been designed specifically by certain dimensional beings to enslave humanity to never experience the truth of who they really are, as well as supporting the systems as the SMCS which have been infused, locked in and implanted within the Indigo Children for the one singular purpose of continuously feeding the consciousness systems within this world as who human beings have become.