The Importance of Laghu Rudra Abhishek. The Laghu Rudra Pooja is considered to be the highest honour given to Lord Shiva after Maha Rudra Pooja. Rudra. Laghu Rudra Puja is performed for prosperity and happiness. In this ritual the Abhishek (washing) of Lord Shiva is done by devotees by offering Ganga Jal and . According to Hindu mythology many type puja and Laghu Rudra Pooja is a spl. pooja for Lord Shiva. Now read online puja vidhi for Laghu Rudra Pooja.

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Worship Shiva as Rudra for unimaginable benefits.

The Ultimate Invocation Of Shiva – The Rudra

Worship Rudra, the God of the Storm. It is a powerful invocation of Lord Shiva in the fierce form of Rudra.

Rudra is the God of the Wind, Storm and the Hunt. He is accompanied by his fearsome entourage of the Maruts, the Gods of the Storm and Hunt and is known as the God of Thieves. Tap into the essence of the Veda. Each verse is filled with incredible potency and extremely beneficial to the health and spiritual development of any sincere aspirant. The Rudra is split into two parts — the Namaka and the Chamaka. One of the reasons why the hymn is so powerful is because the Panchakshari mantra — Nama Shivaya laguh occurs in its very centre.


The Rudra can be chanted from start to finish for a one-off recitation, or can be structured in a specific way for multiple rounds. The number eleven is auspicious to Shiva. The Namaka is chanted 11x, each time combined with a part of the Chamaka.

Taking this further, 11 Ekadasa Rudras constitute a Maharudra. The last time such a high profile event occured was in the presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Chant the Rudra for Prosperity, Power and Peace. In general terms, aspirants pray to Shiva for the following benefits:.

Click here for a prior article on peace. His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswathi shed further light on the Rudra, outlining the following specific and more tangible benefits in proportion to the number of Rudras performed:. In the labhu day, the Rudra is considered one of the greatest yagnyas fire sacrifices possible and on par with the Aswamedha yagnyas etc of ancient times.

Chant or listen to the Rudra daily click here for a rudga to the audio ; Mondays in particular are auspicious to Shiva. Follow me on Twitter: Nov 18, Blog by Swami Mantra. Add to Spiritual Diary. True Love for Shiva.


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