English translation of “The story of Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari” of Bramhanda Maha Purana by Sree Krishnandanatha. Copyright: Lalithopakhyanam. Download Lalithopakhyanam. Description. Download Lalithopakhyanam Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. Ads by Amazon. This popular poem which used to be daily recited by thousands of ladies in Iyer homes in Tamil Nadu is a summary of Lalithopakhyanam found in Brahmanda.

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Then arose from the sea, Danwanthri and afterwards Goddess Lakshmi. The problems to the devas were invited by themselves, for to get killed Darukasura, they sent Manmatha and like the tiger falling in the nets on its own, they created problems for the penance of the God and thus made Bandasura as their enemy and they decided in enlish mind to kill Bandasura.

Sri Lalithopakhyanam – Sanskrit

Due the Yanthras, The Shakthis lost their senses and were all benumbed. Those mongoose of the mother killed all the eight serpents.

Immediately Hari hara puthra was born and he uplifted the world. He then sent minister Kutilaksha for was with the angry Lalitha. The tusks of the elephants were broken indicating it is victory for the Goddess of the clan.

Then the evil Banda sent the arrow of Kali Yuga and the Mlechas who were mixed in that and the Goddess Kalyani shook, the little finger of her left hand and from that came the exulting God Kalki and killed all the Mlechas who were ruffians.


Victory only to the great Goddess. Then they will do the work and you only will drink the nectar.

After that listening to the plea of Rathi Devi wife of Manmatha she brought back the god of love to life. She killed Commanders like Kutilaksha using Pasupatha arrow. The pretty Shakthi were coming in several hoards wearing tight bangles, insignia rings, heavy Armour over their breasts, with Mail coat to prevent arrows and wearing white silk, along with several ornaments for different parts of the body, wearing Chandra.


The ladies as well as the baby moon came then. So the devas requested Manmatha, the god of love to shoot an arrow on Lord Shiva. She was dressed in good quality silk and lalithopakhhanam over it a Mekala golden belt and she wore gems on her hips.

The Shakthis seeing the great war of Kutilaksha appealed to the Goddess to protect hem from Kutilaksha, Let good things happen. When Guru was telling such stories to Indra, One asura king called Malaka, tapping on his chest came along with asuras and surrounded Amarapathi city of Indra and drove away all the devas from that town.

Dandini and Manthrini went and reported about this to the Goddess and the Goddess saw the face of Kameswara and Shakthi Ganapathi suddenly jumped englisu along with all good properties and he broke the Lalithopakhtanam with his tusk and let there be god to the elephant faced God. Manthrini opposed Vidanga and Varahi opposed the very bad Vishukra.

He did not bother about all these omens, It was because it was time was bad like the cotton flakes flying in the air. For the redemption for stolen wealth is charity.


Guranda was killed by Aswarooda.

Sri Lalitha: Sri Lalithopakhyanam In detail and book

Then the angry Dummatha sent Guranda. Hearing this the asura left Maya and enylish in the throne thought for some time and along with his army marched to kill the devas. It would not go away by some other lalithopkahyanam.

Seeing the pitiable state of the devas Lalitha saw them with her merciful nectar like eyes and completely gave them all their body. The devas went to Indra and Brahma and told the news. She sent all the snakes on the Shakthis, Let there be victory to the Shakthis. The seven Yojana space in between is filed with all type of trees We are now going to tell about the details of the lalithpakhyanam yojanas.

Let us cut small parts of the body and offer it in fire bit by bit and they started that, Let good things happen. It has exits on all the four sides.

Lord Brahma gave him the name of Banda.

Let there b good. All the devas who have assembled here are standing here with folded hands. Due to his pride, Indra received the Garland and kept it on the head of the elephant. After telling this, you bring all the asuras here.