Gajah Mada oleh Langit Kresna Hariadi. 2 likes. Book. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Gajah Mada: Bergelut Dalam Kemelut Takhta Dan Angkara [Langit Kresna Hariadi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Gajah Mada: Perang Bubat by Langit Kresna Hariadi

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InLangit Kresna Hariadi authored Gajah Mada, a historical novel portraying the saga of the legendary patih chief minister in the Majapahit Kingdom during the reign of King Hayam Wuruk.

Unexpectedly, the book sold like hotcakes.

Langit Kresna Hariadi (Author of Gajah Mada)

Gajah Mada emerged as a new magnet for ardent readers of historical fiction. Within less than two years, he churned out four sequels. The author followed with several other bestselling historical fiction novels, including the Candi Gajxh Vanishing Temple series, the two-part Perang Paregrek The Paregrek Warthe Majapahit saga and the Menak Jinggo serials. It was into this literary terrain that Langit hariaxi historical fiction to the country. Born in Banyuwangi, East Java, Feb.


But the manuscript was never aired due to the explosion of TV stations in the early s, causing listeners to abandon radio dramas. Then, Langit changed his drama script into a novel.

Print Version

As a child, Langit was fond of reading and writing. When he was in elementary school, he had been familiar with the martial arts novels of SH Mintardja and Herman Pratikno.

In junior high school, he started trying to rewrite the martial arts tales in his own style. As a senior high school student, Langit won several lagit contests for his renditions. At the station he began to write radio dramas in his spare time.

Two years later, he jariadi Sanggar Prativi Jakarta to write dramatic pieces. Working in this way for years made me skilled in writing very quickly. Langit, however, lost his income source when the radio business was overwhelmed by private TV stations. He was supported by his older brother until his novel Gajah Mada was published.

Mava 1, copies were printed, and it was a flop. Langit took it as a wake up call and dug in to work on the second volume.

Later, I completed its sequels after researching and reading academic books. As a historical fiction writer, Langit deems it necessary to make his stories conform to madq artifacts and studies.



But he indicated that a novelist should never be a historian. Now middle-aged, Langit remains a prolific writer. It takes about three months for him to finish a novel of to pages. He plans to go to Germany this October to offer three of his novels to publishers there. By writing 10 pages a day, pages are finished in a month. Currently, Langit is finalizing the seven-volume Majapahit saga, which he has committed to a publisher in Yogyakarta.

After Majapahit, he will carry on the Menak Jinggo serials.

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