toki! This is the first in a series of weekly lessons on Toki Pona- a conlang invented in with only words. Wait say again Jack. Did you say words?. Toki Pona is an invented language that borrows from Dutch, English and Chinese. It has only words but is two days enough time to. I want to learn toki pona cos it looks like it’s the best, but I have no idea how to start. I’ve looked at Conlang Critic’s 12 Days of Toki Pona.

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learn toki pona-Lesson One

Updated Dec 3, Are there any natural languages like Toki Pona? We played pictionary, consequences, and made videos, all in Toki Pona. Log in or sign up in seconds. This simplicity forces creativity with compounds, offering insights into the minds of speakers in the process.

Linguists at the event recorded famous film scenes in Toki Pona, including this scene from Taxi Driver. You should now be able to decide whether or not you’d like to learn Toki Pona.

What are the best resources for learning to learn? Could the Bible be written in Toki Pona? The Language of Good.


What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours using memes

Order by newest oldest recommendations. While for me it involved hot cheeks and was reminiscent of GCSE maths class, this was just a question of pace. Our group is mixed, although the majority seem to speak at least one additional language.

The modern course is here: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. People who had known none of this language 24 hours earlier spent the morning speaking nothing but Toki Pona. The language has no distinct geographical base so compounds can differ between speakers with different mother tongues. Although Toki Pona has a modest following, including a few more or less fluent speakers, I urge you to consider Toki Pona not so much for how well it can entertain you or how large of a following it has, but more for the insight it can give you as it helps you develop a simpler way of thinking.

It’s not so easy to adopt the way of thinking that Toki Pona requires. Can anyone create a better list of words for Toki Pona? What should I try, poa from buying the book? Will Toki Pona become the next world language? With that said, enjoy the lessons, and good luck learning Toki Pona! Toki Pona is often compared to the island languages of the Pacific in sound. If you’re thinking about learning Toki Pona, hopefully this introduction will also give you a feel for what lies ahead.

But be patient; eventually, even if you don’t agree with the ideas behind Toki Pona, it will at least broaden your mind and help you understand things better. In the end, there are no native speakers, and this language isn’t set in stone – some people just use different things for different times and people and learnt from differing sources. Related Questions How many people speak Tkoi Pona? Much of the content on the website is in the public domain. Conlang Critic has a 12 video series on it, covering vocabulary as well as foki.


Can Toki Pona grammar be simpler? Pons a natural language as simple as Toki Pona exist?

Toki Pona Complete

Want to add to the discussion? What are the best resources for learning? Are there any books written in Toki Pona? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Also the book isn’t compulsory but it might give some extra context around the more recent changes. As for all the other details, everyone’s going to have a different opinion.

Toki Pona has only words and uses only 14 letters. Incorporate what makes the most sense to you from the most Toki Pona standpoint you can process. What is the best online LMS for training management?