Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. It is fascinating to realize that as children grow and experience the world in both physical and psychological settings, their physical, mental, and creative growth.

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This disunity between art and society, between education and environ- ment, represents one of the factors from which our present time suffers. The same holds true for the artist. In fact, one study indicates that the rating of reading readiness by the use of drawings is a better predictor of reading achievement than is the teacher. An environment without relationship to the period in which it was created is like a building without a foundation, or like an individual who has lost connection with his own growth and now escapes into a world of meaningless stereotyped patterns.

Sheryl rated it liked it Nov 01, Experimentation with new materials brings new discoveries. Fluencv can be thought of as being both verbal and nonverbal, but certainly the creative person has the ability to come up with numerous solutions or ideas on a problem.

Yet it has also been shown how such an integrative process may have its starting point in correlating different subjects.

In the process of selecting, interpreting, and re- forming these elements, he has given us more than a picture or a sculp- ture, he has given us a part of himself: Our tendency to develop the capacity to regurgitate bits of information may be putting undue emphasis on but one factor in human development, that which is now measured by the intel- ligence tests.

Eimear rated it it was amazing Oct 30, We would hope that proper medical care, diet, exercise, and a change of environment might stimulate healthy growth. The best game with poor attendance may have little excitement. The child, unable to follow or gain control over his motions and unable to identify with them, would become discouraged and frustrated by such a technique.

The means of expression. The child neither grows in single subject matter areas nor does he grow in a separate way physically, emotionally, socially, or mentally. For both types of experiences, however, it is important that as great a variety of sensations, perceptions, and other experiences are activated as is possible.

The national memorial provided moneys for research papers by eminent scholars every second year at the NAEA convention.

The inde- pendent, thinking child will not only express whatever comes into his mind but will tackle any problem, emotional or mental, that he encoun- ters in life. Water color may be an obstacle to his expression.


Through his flexible approaches toward the expression of his own ideas he will not only face new situations properly but will adjust himself to them easily. To try to boost the child’s confidence in his drawing activity would only increase the child’s frustration. As he continued to fill his paper with brush strokes, the brush lines would run into one another, merging into a blurred, indistinguishable mass of colors in which the kinesthetic sensation and the child’s urge for controlling them would become entirely invisible.

To go even further with the self-identification, the teacher should realize that the motions the child is making are for the child different in size from the way they appear to him. Art is not the same for the child as it is for the adult.

He always regarded good teaching as a dialogue, therefore his motivation and evaluations had a strong Expressionist bias. Art for the child is merely a means of expression. It is there- fore important to investigate more closely the attributes art media must have to lowenfedl self-identification of the child with his experiences.

Viktor Lowenfeld

His menal, like those of all children, is not an objective representation. When, inBrunel- leschi added the dome, the first of its kind, as an entirely different concept of style and building, he did something perhaps more revolutionary and modern than comparable architectural changes of our times, for there was no one who complained about the differences in styles even within the one building.

It is quite impossible to say that any one approach — by whatever fine-sounding name it is lowenceld — is good for all. An illustration of the incident in the literal meaning will neither integrate design elements that is, how an experience is expressed in a definite medium with the individual experience of landing at an 50 CREATIVE AND MENTAL GROWTH unknown place, nor will it aid the integration of movement, like jump- ing from ceative boat, or the integration of the smell and coldness of the atmosphere with all the other experiences.

What are the secondary colors? While the new look of our scientific buildings gives evidence of their living character, our educational buildings, especially those of higher learning, usually reflect The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 49 the past, in an irresponsible adherence to an environment to which the youth of today has no relationship.

Art is menyal over one-sidedly, and it is not infrequent that the teacher speaks of a work of art completely oblivious of the hrowth that his listeners have not the least understanding of the high- sounding adjectives he relates to it.


Viktor Lowenfeld – Wikipedia

We do not want to give the impression that by merely developing a good creative art program in the public schools, mankind is saved; but the values that are meaningful in an art program are those which may be basic to the development of a new image, a new philosophy, even a totally new structure to our educational system. One area has been related to another area in relationship to an experience more meaningful to the child than scribbling has been.

Once the student has achieved a certain compe- tency at producing the proper bits of information at the correct time, he is considered right for graduating from school. Some questions that are factual and demand specific answers might be “What are the primary colors?

Both design and subject matter remain isolated. Ad civilization mentall buried we must try to regain by recreating the natural base necessary for such free creation. Probably the best-known attribute of a creative person is originality. As single brush strokes unite to form new shapes and solid areas, synthesis occurs; and each student, through his own aesthetic awareness, develops a meaningful artistic organization.

This extension of the frame of reference has sensitized the child to his own motions as well as to the meaningfulness of the drawing area. Illumination, light, or shadows do not influence the child’s form concept.

A technique that does not help the child to express his particular desires is therefore not a good one. Sep 20, Emily rated it it was amazing.

While in Vienna, he also served as the director of art in the Blind Institute. However, this con- demnation holds not only for the single art work, but also fgr the creator, who cannot live because he cannot breathe with strange lungs. False criticism or too great an emphasis on the final product may easily produce such an attitude. Want to Read saving…. First, he carefully tries to select the right branch — he predicts its behavior — he knows how much he can bend it.

Self-identification with the means of expression for the purpose of a better appreciation of creative works may appear to be difficult for one who is not producing creatively. As soon as the child is confronted with the task of following a pre- determined outline, we have prevented him from solving his own relation- ships creatively.