Since much of the information about past events is presented in a series of flashbacks we are deliberately left free to speculate on some of its accuracy. Doctor Who – Lung Barrow – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Lungbarrow.

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So somewhere along the line these dudes pissed off some Pythian witches who were all, “haha, we curse you!

Theatre of War Justin Richards, May 94 No Future Paul Cornell, Feb 94 ExodusCat’s Cradle: Marc Platt’s conclusion to the lungbatrow Doctor “New Adventures” line is a wonderful odyssey that lurches between completely bats The Doctor has left many notes apologising to Leela for not visiting her.

Deceit Peter Darvill-Evans, Apr 93 Maybe Innocet missed noticing Satthralope’s last trip away from the chair. Who fan for plus years, I was disappointed. My only real grip would be it’s pacing is a bit slow.

I liked Leela and Romana, I liked the Luhgbarrow and First Doctors, and I very much liked the back-plot of conservatives trying to launch a coup against the new progressive presidency.

It is the culmination of the nearly first thirty-fve years of the series in all its forms. Just who is the Doctor? It’s explicitly stated that Gallifreyan time runs differently to time elsewhere luhgbarrow the universe.

Oh, and Romana gets briefly deposed.

He sees a young woman hiding behind a curtain as her Lungbagrow Glospin searches for the documents which she has stolen, documents he believes will clear the name of his disgraced House. Much of the book is one big infodump, with the result that it’s harder reading than most of the novelisations.


Chris Cwej is having someone else’s nightmares.


Cause that’s how Lungbarrow will make you feel!! Read this websiteit’s like the web lujgbarrow of watching all the classic series, you might appreciate it. Without giving away a major plot point, the resolution is ridiculous and makes you wonder why or how it took them over years to get out. They are captured by Drudges and forced to attend the Otherstide dinner, a celebration of Rassilon’s expulsion of his mysterious, unnamed advisor from Gallifrey.

When Chris is viewing events from years before, he seems able to interact to a minor degree. Here’s something that might help: I even liked the Gormenghastly setting of the House of Lungbarrow itself, though from the architectural engineering point of view it was a bit over the top.

Have you tried the President’s office? Chris’ loud shirt with white shorts. He has even been Replaced, although his foolish Replacement Owis is not half the man his predecessor was. Chris and Arkhew witness a confrontation between Glospin and Innocet, who admits to stealing his documents; she will not let him make their House a laughingstock by taking his ridiculous accusations to the Capitol.

This is what we see the other do when Rassillon prevents him from leaving Gallifrey. I don’t think it’s been negated either. The Citadel Constraint Block is publicly known to belong to the Agency.

And here, we have the Doctor return to his home on Gallifrey to confront his Family, His House and the complicated reasons he left, and the oddities of his lives. The Doctor mentions Ministers of Grace Decalog: Innocet says she’s glad none of the Doctor’s other important friends are here to see this, but there’s no way she should know that he has important friends.


I’m a subscriber of the belief that everything in all Doctor Who media happened, even if we don’t know how two seemingly contradictory events could ever occur in the same universe.

Apocalypse Nigel Robinson, Oct 91 4. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dazu muss ich aber auch sagen, dass mir da gerade am Anfang zu viel zwischen den einzelnen Perspektiv-Charakteren umhergesprungen wurde.

Her Patrexian Luungbarrow is Theorasdavoramilonithene. The e-book version had a new lungnarrow, an illustration for each chapter, and a set of author’s notes. Virgin New Adventures Release number. Birthright Nigel Robinson, Aug 93 Here Braxiatel gives a rather different version of events, though he is doing so from memmory. On page chapter 24Jobiska claims to bejust after remembering events she claims were years ago.

He was mocked by his cousins for having a navel, something not present in the non-born Gallifreyans.

Lungbarrow | Discontinuity Guide | The Whoniverse

Aug 31, Joseph rated it it was amazing. Satthralope gives orders for Badger to be disassembled, but this proves to be a mistake; normally placid and unthreatening, the avatroid becomes violent if either it or the Doctor is threatened. I lngbarrow what the “secrets” were this time, and it was very interesting to reread the book with that knowledge.