Hervé Ryssen, originally Hervé Lalin , April 2, is a French author and La Mafia juive, Éditions Baskerville, Levallois-Perret, , p. Hervé Ryssen is the author of Psychanalyse du Judaisme ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews), La Mafia Juive – Les Grandes Prédateurs Internationaux (3. Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la mafia juive sans avoir jamais oser le ://

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Hervé Ryssen in english | – Hervé RYSSEN –

One day, one of them Patrick Dewaere goes juie his room without knocking and finds him dressed as a woman. He has become the richest man in the country and controls national television, but works for the common good. A moving final scene shows the Jewish family crying over yet another victim of hatred. John Schlesinger is not a member of a voodoo sect, but he brilliantly practises accusatory inversion. One scene takes place in a church. The majority of cosmopolitan film directors have dealt with this subject, as we have already seen.

Hervé Ryssen (Author of La Mafia Juive – Les Grandes Prédateurs Internationaux)

The poor illegal immigrants are victims of blackmail, harassment, rape, murder, whereas the white people, once again, play the role of the bastards. An African village is juivd hard by the closure herc the banana plantation, vital to the local economy. In Paris, a police detective tries desperately to put an American serial killer out of action. For a long period, such propaganda could not be openly exploited, owing to the weight of goy prejudices, which remain somewhat of a cause for wariness.


This wonderful film was directed by Jonathan Kaplan. It is also the expression of a neurosis, which is highly characteristic of this community. Music, dancing, drinking, sexual tension, treason, violence.

She resembles several types of woman all at once: At the hospital, he meets Marta, a pretty white woman, and abandons his young African wife. Gary, their leader, falls in love with her.

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Her friend JP tells her that he is secretly going out with Pascal, a man who is already in a relationship. She gets her revenge by offering her body to a butcher, who hangs himself before her eyes. The exact opposite of the Jews, basically.

We then have a classic scene from French cinema. InAlain Berberian spawned the film Six-Pack. As for the white women, they are urged to have an abortion.

In exchange for their kidneys, these poor third-world immigrants can obtain a passport ryasen visa: The pretty blonde will divorce her husband and goes to live with the black man.

It was in this direction that cosmopolitan filmmakers went to seek their inspiration, as they could not give full expression to their fevered imaginations.

The creators of this series, the first episode of which was broadcasted in the United States inwere William Link and Richard Lewinson. They say they were victims of Communism, for example, when in fact they were the main instigators. In New York, toddlers are kidnapped and then killed in ritual murders. The Pope, who is aware of the case, discreetly remains silent! They were deported and died in a concentration camp, together with their son, Salomon, a great pianist.

Homosexuality is again shown with great indulgence when a gay couple discreetly appear; they seem to be the only happy household in the neighbourhood.


First, there is the priest who, of course, is a paedophile — typical accusatory inversion indeed, there are infinitely more paedophile rabbis than priests, but this news can only be found on the internet. Catholicism is the religion of bastards and hypocrites: The Israeli organ trafficking scandal came to light in summer Compared to them, Colombo cuts a sorry figure with his grubby, worn-out raincoat, his shabby suit and his old, battered Peugeot cabriolet.

The detectives follow a lead to the local university, which turns out to be a breeding ground for dangerous neo-Nazis. The glorification of mixed race couples and homosexuality is, indeed, the unmistakeable gyssen mark.

Hdrv king is a hateful and ridiculous dwarf, which is not really in keeping with the European tradition. We subsequently learn that this juibe girl, who had been abused by an alcoholic mother, had in fact been raped in a secret passage, which the psychiatrist discovers by nosing around. The man will be slaughtered before the very eyes of the young woman, who is as sickened as the viewer.

Molinaro also directed the entertaining comedy La cage heev folles France,the main characters of which are homosexuals and transvestites. They are all aliens disguised as human beings and agents from the Matrix. Following the advice of his neighbour, an ageing mmafia, he decides to pass himself off as gay in order to keep his job.