MAGPUL Masada / BushmasterACR – Adaptive Combat Rifle in Entry configuration with in barrel andside. MAGPUL Masada / BushmasterACR – Adaptive.

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Magpul Masada Assault Rifle |

magphl And then they had competing companies with Bushy and Remington and a lucky man you were indeed to score the Remmy parts because you suck and they hate you. Yep, RIP to the Masada. The barrel is like an AR barrel with a resized gas port and a thin profile for the piston support.

This multi-caliber weapon is available chambered in 5.

Remington ACR

To remove the barrel for change, inspection or maintenanceuser has to remove polymer handguards, then swing down the wire lever, located below the barrel,turn the barrel to jagpul and pull it forward and out of the receiver. To remove the barrel for change, inspection, or maintenancethe operator has to remove the polymer handguards, then swing down the wire lever which is located below the barrel, and then turning the barrel to unlock and pull it forward and out of the receiver.

It is a gas operated, selective fire weapon with a modular design. Magpul, please farm out the to a group who would care about it and get it to market as envisioned. So that brings its so called adaptiveness to two.


Thanks for nothing Remington. First prototypes were shown to the public in at ShotShow, and early in it was announced that new rifle previously known as Masada willbe mass produced by famous American gun-making company Bushmaster Firearms.

Magpul also is developing a 7. Bushmaster made some design changes to this weapon to meet the emerging requirements of the US Military. Magpul This entry was posted on Sunday, January 29th, at Model 10 and 29 Model 17 Model 31 Model Model He sent me a prototype ACR and asked for my thoughts.

Magpul MASADA / ACR – Modern Firearms

The new rifle was named after the Siege of Masada. It is worth mentioning that in a project based on the M16 has been abandoned and Magpul Industries restarted it from scratch. It is only available for the military and law enforcement market in 5.

Our resident experts are standing by to answer your questions! Does anyone associate any of the Freedom Group brands with quality anymore? The rifle was originally named after the Siege of Masada. This weapon is also available with three barrel lengths.

What do you expect from a company that is run by bankers. January 29, at Looks like the design concepts mafpul of us have been sketching since we were 16 years old. Archived from the original on This gun has a lot of room for all your sights and laser and flashlights etc. Work on the new modular rifle, suitable for civilian, police and military applications and designed more or less along the lines of the SCAR program commenced in Amazing considering it uses an AR barrel, if only mssada were more prolific in this country.



Details can be found on the Evike. I was excited for it as-is from handling the prototype ten years ago. Magpul company literature about the rifle states that, “Magpul Industries is not Jewish owned or Israeli backed, however Magpul has always found the story of the Masada as a bold example of defiance”. Full Metal Receiver Built Material: The rifle is available with four barrel lengths and can be easily converted from a standard assault rifle with a A charging handle can be installed on either side of the receiver and does not reciprocate when the weapon is fired.

It is still in early development and no information is available on its date of release to the public.

Msada from the original on January 30, There might still be hope, just in. It can also be configured for handguard, stock type and trigger unit setup. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The plug should have been pulled, the fact that it took up to this year just to offer 5.

Of coarse I have a 6.