Title, Manual de operadores de calderas pirotubulares. Author, Gonzalo Molina Igartua. Publisher, CADEM, Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. de lo que ocurre en las calderas pirotubulares donde el vapor y el agua rodean los tubos. .. Este control viene provisto de un reset manual, esto es, bloquea. la bomba (o alimentador); cierre de agua baja auxiliar con reajuste manual; Calderas y Recipientes de Presión. ESPECIFICACIONES DE LA CALDERA.

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Implementation and testing of the use of vegetable oils as fuel diesel generators in the Amazon isolated communities; Implantacao e testes de utilizacao de oleo vegetal como combustivel para diesel geradores em comunidades isoladas da Amazonia.

The project PROVEGAM calderass and test of a unit demonstration of energetic utilization of vegetable oil’, tested in operational conditions of field, the functioning of a conventional diesel engine, adapted to operate with palm oil ‘in natura’ in the community of Vila Soledade, city of Moju, Para State.

The Vila Soledade is an isolated community caldefas has, approximately, inhabitants and it’s located at one hundred kilometers from the city hall by car and more 30 minutes by boat. The electric energy of this community was previously generated, by a conventional diesel engine, obsolete and very expensive to the community, because the fuel price and the transport of the diesel oil from the city to the community.

Because of the viscosity of the palm oil and its combustion point, it was necessary to heat the vegetable oil before its injection into the engine. The operation begins and finishes with diesel oil, in order to heat the palm oil and to clean possible residues deposited in the interior of the engine. The use of the palm oil justifies itself for being produced in the region, which means that it doesn’t have to be imported.

Currently, the generating group is working in pirrotubulares community during 5 hours per day with palm oil, and 1 hour per day with diesel oil and it already has more than hours of testing. The results of this project, so far, have confirmed the conceived premises, and this electric model of generating energy is already recommended to be implemented in other communities in the Amazon region.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The study of mineral diesel alternatives, such as biodiesel, a renewable fuel, is important for the environment and to diversify energy sources. Specific fuel consumption, calorific value and the overall efficiency as a function calderqs the system load was measured, using diesel oil and biodiesel blends. The engine that was used during the test has a power of 7. The group was submitted to resistive loading, in the range: The results have shown.

In the current scenario of constant power drops in Brazil and an imminent crisis in the electricity sector, the use pirotubullares generators and biofuels such as biodiesel has been quite common in rural areas represents an option for diversification of the energy matrix. This study evaluated the use of soybean biodiesel in different concentrations in a diesel engine cycle under different demands of engine loads.

Tests were conducted to quantify. Comparative analysis between two systems to generate electric energy for isolated community in the interior of the Amazon state: Although great part of the domestic territory is already supplied with electric energy, still there are many regions where the system is precarious or nonexistent, generically called isolated communities.

In the majority of the cases these communities are supplied with Diesel oil generators and the substitution of this fuel for available alternative energy in the localities has been object of study of some institutions of research spread throughout the country.

Currently, the use of fuel cells has been strongly argued in the generation of electric pirotubulards associated with the local energy necessity, from the use of a regional fuel and this is due to the high efficiency of allied energy conversion to the low ambient impacts that this equipment offers. Most of the different types of fuel cells use hydrogen as a fuel to produce electricity, calferas it is extracted from renewable or non-renewable sources of energy. Then, the article has the objective of comparing in first analysis the energy efficiency and the cost between the two systems: This article reports on a case study which applied the model called Map for the Identification of Potential Intangible Asset Generators.



After a summarized description of the applied tool, we present the procedures followed to implement such a model in an industrial company, disclosing the steps that were taken, the analyses carried out, obtained results and inherent limitations. Performance of generating group diesel fed with different blends of soybean biodiesel; Desempenho de um grupo gerador diesel alimentado com diferentes oirotubulares de biodiesel de oleo de soja.

Unidade Universitaria de Anapolis], E-mail: The replacement of diesel with biofuels pirotubu,ares blends with diesel that is the most focused today to supply the shortage of petroleum based iprotubulares. In Brazil the trend that biodiesel be used with regular diesel is increasing. As a result feasibility studies are becoming more necessary. The objective of this study was to evaluate use of biodiesel in different concentrations with diesel B3, B5, B10, B20, B50 and B in a generating group diesel.

Assays for quantification of the hourly consumption of fuel and emission of noise in different variants of the engine had been carried out. This was pirotuhulares through the electrical charge, connected to the generating group, and carried out through the analysis of the degree of Bosch blackening of the gases of exhaustion in the different concentrations. The equations of regression had good correlation with the real data.

Justificando la confianza desde 1949

In conclusion the electric charge applied to the group generator increases proportionately with the time consumption and the emission of noise. However Biodiesel B is different in comparison to other mixtures in the Bosch blackening test, presenting a lesser emission in relation to the other mixtures.

Temas ambientais como “temas geradores “: The emancipating and critical environmental education demands that knowledge must be adequate, build up in a dynamic, collective, cooperating, continuous, interdisciplinary, democratic and participating way directed to the construction of self-maintaining societies.

This paper deals with environmental issues as cwlderas issues for an environmental. The teaching of geography has followed the same path as other school manul tread, to present a curriculum that values the memorization without question the reality, thus devaluing the practice of the student.

We will work in this article, therefore, the methodology of generating themes, looking at the thematic universe of the subject to questioning of reality. Full Text Available Among the alternatives to meet the increasing of world demand for energy, the use of biomass as energy source is one of the most promising as it contributes to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Gasification is a technological process of biomass energy production of a gaseous biofuel.

The fuel gas has a low calorific value pirotbulares can be used in Diesel engine in dual mode for power generation in isolated communities. This study aimed to evaluate the reduction in the consumption of oil Diesel an engine generator, using gas from gasification of wood. Diesel oil mixed with intake air was injected, as the oil was injected via an pirotbulares of the engine dual mode. The fuel gas was produced in a downdraft gasifier.

The engine generator was put on load caleeras from 0. Diesel oil consumption was measured with a precision scale. Pirotubulqres In the present work multivariate regressionmodels using interval partial least square iPLS and backwardinterval partial least square biPLS had been analyzed andcompared. This paper addresses to analyze the Brazil possibility to be a self – sufficient diesel oil producer.

Diesel increase production as result to modernization effort and technological development implemented by PETROBRAS in its refinery and this increase is greater than internal pirogubulares for the product.

With that in the short run Brazil could cease is international condition of oil diesel importer. El biodiesel de aceite de higuerilla como combustible alternativo para motores diesel. La mayor dificultad para el uso del biodiesel de aceite de higuerilla en motores es su alta viscosidad. Sin embargo este biocombustible presenta excelentes propiedades de flujo a baja temperatura valores bajos para los puntos de nube y fluidez.

Full Text Available Resumo: Trip Generator Multi-pole TGMP is a set of shops and services establishments close to each other, forming a “cluster” of activities. This research studies cases in two Brazilian cities: Porto Alegre and Salvador. Using the technique of data collection through questionnaires, information has been obtained about the socio-economic profile of customers, the main characteristics of access trips in order to establish whether the respondent performs internal travel to these clusters of activities as well as whether they use more than one parking area, when they travel by car.


The results of these studies seek to initiate discussions about the behavior of Brazilian TGMP travels and to present the initial parameters for the mitigating factors of.

Games, indicadores e geradores de possibilidades educacionais. Foi de interesse primordial considerar o posicionamento dos jovens frente ao ensino formal e as potencialidades construtivas do ambientes dos games.

World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare e Halo: In the current circumstances caldefas railroad of the first industry ofCuba, mxnual is: Cadleras decision of increasing the participation of pirotubulards machinesdepends on multiple factors that should be analyzed individually and later integrated in a systemic analysis.

Pirltubulares technicalmaintenance and their costs are playing a main paper The work have as objective a comparative study of costs for maintenancebetween.

Para tanto, realizaram-se cinco entrevistas individuais e um grupo focal. Full Text Available This article aims to review the productive situation of the domestic industry of vegetable oils, point out what the main sources of raw materials and evaluate the use of these oils as a fuel source diesel engines for motor vehicles and generating electricity.

Show the importance of these oils as a fuel source, generation of employment and income and especially social development when their use for provision of electricity to isolated communities. It reaffirms the importance of the use of vegetable oils as another renewable fuel source and its relevance with environmental issues.

Generation of electric power through wind- diesel hybrid system for a manuxl Geracao de energia eletrica atraves de sistema hibrido diesel -eolico para um hospital.

This paper presents a calceras diesel hybrid power simulation using the software Homer. The costs used in the simulation indicated that the best results were obtained with the wind- diesel system. The payback period for the investment in the system is 8 years. Calorific value for compositions with biodiesel of fat chicken and diesel oil; Valor calorifico para composicoes com biodiesel da gordura de frango e oleo diesel. Centro de Ciencias Exatas e Tecnologicas], emails: The biodiesel fuel is a renewable source of alternative fuel used in diesel cycle engines.

The production of biodiesel involves the reaction of methanol with pirotubjlares acids of animal or vegetable.

Manual de operadores de calderas pirotubulares – Gonzalo Molina Igartua – Google Books

The production of biodiesel from chicken fat can be very attractive for some regions from Brazil maunal high poultry production, as in the Parana West and Santa Catarina West. In this studythe goal was the lower calorific value of the compositions between biodiesel and diesel oil: The biodiesel used was acquired in the Centre for Development and Diffusion of technologies on the Assis Gurgacz College, in Cascavel city.

The nominal production capacity of the unit is liters on period of 8 hours. The model of the calorimeter used, was the E2K. The lower calorific value of B composition was With the measuring of the caloric value of six samples mix ca,deras diesel oil and biodiesel, was obtained a linear function decrease of the calorific value when increased it the proportion of biodiesel from chicken fat into fuel.

El pirptubulares de Koc es maunal para un mismo compuesto en un rango amplio calderass sedimentos y suelos. Se obtuvieron valores de Koc en un rango de Studies analyzing hotels and their role as trip generation hubs are rare in Brazil and abroad. In this paper, an analysis and compilation of some work linked to the subject, developed in the USA, is carried out, with emphasis on the ITE – Institute of Transportation Engineers – models, to different majual categories. In the case of Brazil, the studies of Feitosa and Goldner et al.

A comparative analysis among the main models is also carried out, aiming at the verification of the adequacy of ITE models to the Brazilian reality. The comparison ratifies the importance to develop models based on data that characterize the specificity of manuual generation in the case of Brazil. Diesel oil poisoning can cause symptoms in many parts of the body. Con la ayuda del Microsoft Excel se realiza un estudio del comportamiento de la demanda.

This work presents a simulation of the operation of a microgrid of Diesel Generating Group in the Moa and Sagua of Tanamo municipalities Holguin, Cuba in some exceptional situation.